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P-Square releases 6th Studio Album “Double Trouble”


P-Square releases sixth studio album titled “Double Trouble” featuring international and local acts like T.I in Ejeajo, Awilo Logomba in Enemy Solo, Don Jazzy in Collabo, Jermaine Jackson in Zombie and Dave Scott in Bring It On.  Double Trouble has a total of 16 tracks including 3 bonus tracks. Check out the full track list and download the album below

Double Trouble

 (click here to download)
1.      Shekini

2.      Missing You

3.      Bring It On (feat. Dave Scott)

4.      MMS (Mugu Money Spender)

5.      Ifeoma

6.      Ejeajo (feat. T.I)

7.      Collabo (feat. Don Jazzy)

8.      Ogadigide

9.      No Be Joke

10.   Enemy Solo With Awilo Logomba

11.   Sari Sari

12.   Zombie (feat. Jermaine Jackson)

13.   Ije Love

14.   Testimony {Bonus Track}

15.   Personally {Bonus Track}

16.   Alingo {Bonus Track}

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