Dues paying have made her a thoroughbred artiste whose aura even off the stage intimidates some of the established acts. Her enviable vocals, the share energy of her beats, her peerless song writing ability and her out of this world stagemanship have all added up to make AMAIKAH a certified star material.

The Akwa-Ibom born WISDOM OTU UBIEBIFAYEN got bitten by the music bug at the early age of six while in primary school. Undeterred by the challenges AMAIKAH pursued her passion, doing backups for different Nigeria artiste both in concert and in the studio, in 1998 she joined the Eboni band amid great promise and expectations which bordered on their irresistible aura off and on stage, quickly earning for them instant acceptance at different shows by a gleeful crowd.

After her debut single titled moonlight taleAmaikah the song goddess is back itching to unleash her wealth of experience garnered over the years on the Naija music scene by dropping her sophomore singles titled Body Magic and Rainy Night, and to give the new singles adequate push, the artist has enlisted the support of Photon Solutions as her management, while the singles are dropping under God bless and God bless imprint.

      1. body magic

About Abbeyaji

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